logan&veronica appreciation week

day 6: favorite romantic moments

"Our society is obsessed with finding good and finding evil, but I think we’re all capable of anything."

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leo fitz in every episode →  asset

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30 Days of Boy Meets World → Day 01: Favorite Male Character

– Eric Matthews

Oh, he’s beautiful! And look, he’s your age!

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#what if this guy got you pregnant

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It’s funny with mothers isn’t it…One of my earliest memories of hospitals, my mother had to go to one. She had an accident, ended up blind in one eye. … Actually I did it to her. See my mother had a habit of making me feel real lousy. She would call me a tramp, she would say I was a disgrace to her and myself and I took it. For the longest time, her opinion of me until one day, I don’t even know what set it off, but I took off one of my pumps, it had one of those real pointy heels, and I stabbed her right in the eye with it.

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I feel the sun on my face. I see trees all around me. Scent of wildflowers on a breeze. It’s so beautiful. In this moment, I’m not stranded in space. 

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Connor, your dad’s here!